Tugain 5% 60ml


Generic Name : Minoxidil

Uses/Prescribed For : Hypertension (High Blood Pressure), Alopecia (Hair Loss)

Side Effects : Headache, Abdominal pain, Muscle pain

Composition : Minoxidil

Drug Class (Class of Medications) : Vasodilator

Strength : 60ml

Brand Name : Rogaine

Manufacture Name : Cipla Ltd – Pharmaceutical Company

Packaging/Presentation : Bottle Pack Solution

Product Code : AGM 348

Delivery Days : 10 working days

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Tugain 5% 60ml
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Tugain 5% 60ml

Tugain 5% 60ml solution associated with a class of medicine called vasodilators. It is use to promote hair production after hereditary hair loss (male pattern baldness). It is not  relevant or effective for sudden, patchy or unexplained hair loss.

Benefits: Tugain 5% Solution

For Hair loss: Tugain 5% solution is a liquid recommend to diagnose common hereditary hair loss. It can stop further hair loss and help hair to re-growth. Its functions by improving blood flow to the hair follicles on your scalp, which stops hair cell death and also produces new hair growth. It is most effective and reliable for baldness or thinning at the top of the scalp but less effective at the front or for receding hairline. Benefits are less likely if you have been bald for many years or have a wide area of hair loss. Tugain 5% solution medicine is not effective or suitable for sudden or unexplained hair loss. It is considered as a safe solution. However, hair that has reproduced may disappear after a few months. Regrowth of hair can be beneficial to your mood, self-esteem as well as your appearance, but you need to use it continuously to get the desirable benefits. There are separate products for male and females.

Mainly use Tugain 5% (Rogaine) solution in:

  • Hair loss

How to apply: Tugain 5% solution

Tugain 5% solution should only be used directly to the scalp area in the amount, and in the way, mentioned on the label or by your healthcare provider. Clean and dry your scalp before applying Tugain solution. This solution may take a few months before you show any hair growth and the beginning of hair growth may be soft, colorless and barely visible. Taking or applying more than prescribed will not fasten hair growth and may cause severe side effects. This hair solution must be applied regularly to maintain hair growth. If your condition does not improve or worsen after applying this hair solution for 4 to 8 month, discuss with your healthcare provider.


Side effects: Tugain 5% (Rogaine)

Tugains 5% hair solution is commonly safe and effective for most people but may have some mild or moderate side effects. The most common are rashes, redness of skin, face swelling, fever, headache, itching or irritation of the scalp and unwanted hair growth in other places, (not your scalp). It may also make you feel uncomfortable and change the color and texture of your hair. If this happens, inform your healthcare provider immediately. If this solution gets into the bloodstream it can cause side effects related to low blood pressure like: slow or fastened heart beats, chest pain, dizziness, swollen hands and feet. This should not happen if you use it the right way and do not touch it with broken skin. If you get it in your mouth, ear and eyes or broken skin, wash thoroughly with plenty of water. Talk to your healthcare provider if you are bothered by side effects or they do not vanish.

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