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Generic Name : Rabeprazole

Brand Name : Aciphex

Manufacture Name : Dr. Reddy

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Introduction of Rabicip 20mg tablet

Rabicip 20mg (generic Rabeprazole) is a tablet which is used in the treatment of active Duondenal ulcers (Ulcers in Your intestine), Gastric ulcer, Peptic ulcer, Gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), and other stomach related diseases. It is a panacea for the treatment stomach related disease because it is highly in by the doctor in the treatment of ( GERD) and a patient whose stomach may contain extremely high amount of acid, a condition called Zollinger Ellison syndrome etc. if a patient remove all these type of disease from his stomach then he should use Razo 20mg tablet with the advice of doctor because without doctor consulting it may be harmful  for a patient . But Rabicip 20 mg tablet is a safe tablet and it has not much side effects that is the reason it is quite popular among the patient of stomach disease.  Most of the doctors are recommending to their patient for the treatment of Peptic ulcer, Gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), Stomach acid and other major or minor disease in the stomach. If a patient has the above mention stomach disease then he must use the tablet of Razo 20mg tablet because it is much effective and diseases orient tablet.

If you want to use Reberazole 20mg tablet then you have need of doctor prescription because a doctor can guide a patient which is tablet is safe and which is most effective in the disease of stomach acid. So, before buy Reberazole 20mg tablet a patient should take advice from the doctor.


Why and reason to try Razo 20mg tablets

Razo 20mg tablets is very effective and affordable medicine which is available in the market with the minimum side effects  and it is a branded medicine which is provide by All generic medicine (AGM) pharmacy at the lowest rate to the patient of stomach acid and other stomach diseases. The use of Razo 20mg tablet is increasing day to day for the treatment of stomach acid. The Razo 20mg tablet is most demandable medicines in the virtual market (online market) so many people are buy Razo 20mg online from India. There are so many tablets available in the market for the treatment of the above mention diseases but those are not much effective and reliable to the patient. Each and every doctor recommend and advise to their patient for the use of Razo 20 mg tablet in the disease of stomach. At the global level  so many countries people like :- UK, USA, ENGLAND , RUSSIA , CANADA, CHINA ,AUSTRAILA, NEW ZEALAND, FRANCE, SINGAPORE,BULGARIA, SWITZERLAND etc. want to  buy Razo 20 mg tablet from India. That is why the demand of Rebeprazole 20 mg tablets increasing in a amazing pace at global level.


How to use / take Rabicip 20mg tablets

Razo 20mg (Rabicip 20mg ) tablet is quite easy to use because a patient no need take much precaution before use it . A patient can swallowed it with the water, fruits juice  and milk and as per prescribe by doctors because before using any medicine a patient should take advise from the doctor. When a patient want to use Razo 20mg tablet then he/she take care some small things like:-

  • Do not use it with alcohol.
  • Take some food before use it.
  • Do not crush it in your mouth, only swallowed.
  • Do not use without doctor advise.etc

The above mention some little advice which should be follows by a patient before use it. If a patient do not follow these some small advise then the Razo 20mg tablet may be harmful for a patient.


What is the contraindication to the use of Rabicip 20mg tablet?

Every medicine has some contraindication because no any medicine is safe for all people because every medicine dose may be vary person to person. There are some situations in which a patient does not use this medicine without doctor advice.

  • If a person has major/serious disease like:- Heart attack , Cancer, Kidney disease, Brain tumor, etc.
  • Along with others medicine:- A patient do not Razo 20 mg tablet along with other medicine if a patient want to use Razo 20 mg tablet then he/she must take advise to the doctor.
  • Always a patient should revile his past major or minor disease history in front of doctor.  Etc.


Some side effects of Rabicip 20mg tablets.

The Razo 20mg has no major or serious side effects it is much safe to use a patient but it is advise to you before using it a patient should be take some advise form the doctor because it may be harmful for a patient in case when a patient use Razo 20mg tablet without doctor advise.

Side effect are:-

  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Flatulence
  • Diarrhea
  • Sever Stomach pain etc.

These tend to be mild but talk to your doctor if they bother you or do not go away. The risk of side effects may increase the longer you take this medicine. If Razo 20mg tablet arise some serious side effect which not bearable for the patent then a patient should call to the doctor immediately and take some advice about side effect.


Over dose of Razo 20 mg tablet

Over dose of Razo 20mg tablet may be harmful for a patient if he /she use it without doctor advise because the dose of Razo 20mg tablet can be vary person to person. Every person biological structure is different to other person and dose can be vary in some case like:-

  • Dose depends on the age of a person like:- Child, Young, Old age person
  • Dose depends on the situation of a person such as: – in the situation of Pregnancy, Breast feeding, etc.
  • Dose depends nature of disease:- if a person has mild to moderate then the doctor prescribe common dose of medicine but if a patient has serious problem then the doctor can increased and decreased the dose of medicine.

So before use the Razo 20mg tablet a patient should take the advice from the doctor because a doctor can prescribe what dose is relevant for a parson without doctor advice the dose may be harmful for your health.


Availability of Razo 20 mg tablets:-

A patient can buy Rebeprazole 20mg tablets (generic Acidphex) online mode because it is only available at online pharmacy. If you want to buy Rebeprazole 20mg tablets (generic Acidphex) online from India then you have to go the website of Allgeneric medicine pharmacy and booked your ordered after your booking in a specific time  period your medicine delivered by this pharmacy at your home. The services of this company is available all over the world a patient can buy this medicine any part of world through it website Allgenericmedicine.com .



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