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What is the treatment for erectile dysfunction?

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Erectile dysfunction pills have some variations, but the price may limit your choice of ED medications


What is the difference between drugs for erectile dysfunction?

About half of men in their 40s to 70s have some degree of erectile dysfunction (ED), although only one in ten reports complete abstinence.

Taking ED drugs produces enough erection to start having sex in about 70% of healthy men otherwise.

Does it make a difference which of the four drugs for erectile dysfunction you take?

“Yes, there may be a difference,” said Drs.

“In new patients, I’ve tried different ones to see what works best.”

Sildenafil (Viagra) is usually the first drug prescribed by your doctor.

It is far from the market and its side effects and side effects are also known.

But the biggest challenge to finding the best ED medicine for you may be the rules of health insurance – not biochemistry.

It is a common practice among insurers to limit the number of pills you can get each month.

After hitting your limit, the cost of an out-of-the-box single pill can be very high.

You will need to work with your doctor to find the pill you need at a price you can afford.

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What are erectile dysfunction pills available?

In addition to Viagra, other ED drugs available in the United States include avanafil (Stendra), tadalafil (Cialis), and vardenafil (Levitra).

All of this improves blood flow to the penis. In combination with sexual stimulation, drugs can produce enough build-up to start and end intercourse.

There is also a fast-acting version of Levitra, called Staxyn, which you insert under your tongue.

This helps the desired product and may help reduce urinary problems, such as difficulty starting urination, caused by an enlarged prostate.

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Cost of erectile dysfunction pills

Your cost of ED drug treatment varies greatly, depending on the price of the pharmacy, the cost of prescription drugs, and your level of access to health care.

Although private insurance covers you, you may be limited to four doses per month. Here are a few things you can do to cover costs:

Shop around, because pharmacy prices vary.

Various web-based tools can help you compare prices easily.

Ask your doctor about pill breaks, where you get pills in higher doses than you need and separate them.

Check out the manufacturer’s discount plans.

This allows you to get a limited supply of uninsured medications for your insurance.

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How effective are ED pills?

ED drugs produce enough sex to make up about 70% of men.

But the results vary greatly from one person to another.

A man with nerves or blood vessels injured by prostate cancer, diabetes, or heart disease will not respond strongly to ED medications.

“There are some men where none of these drugs work,” said Dr. Liou.

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How fast do ED pills work?

How fast do drugs start working from 15 to 60 minutes?

Viagra or Levitra will not work if you take them after meals, which prevents their absorption.

However, neither Cialis nor Stendra interacted with food in this way.

The first time we decide how you will be able to have sex soon.

Stendra and Cialis used daily are very close to becoming a “necessary” erectile drug; using some requires a lot of planning.

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How to make the best use of ED pills

Dr. Liou says that some men came to him after receiving a prescription from their primary care physician, saying that the drug did not work.

Sometimes it is because they have misused it.

“The biggest misconception is that these drugs are a barrier to shutting down,” said Dr. Liou. But the drugs do not work well without sexual stimulation.

“At that point, you need to be with your partner and have a game ahead,” said Dr. Liou.

“Don’t take it, make taxes or dishes, and then meet in the bedroom thinking you will be ready to go. Not really.”

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How long do ED pills last?

ED drugs fall into varying degrees in the body.

The duration of action is from four hours to more than a day (Cialis at higher prices).

Each dose should be sufficient to provide a complete sexual cycle, from erection to climax.

“Will it continue in another cycle?
It’s not guaranteed, “says Dr. Liou.” Having sex several times a day, Cialis is your best bet.

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What are the side effects of ED pills?

The most common side effects of ED drugs, with the most common side effects, are headache, rash, abdominal pain, nasal congestion, vision problems, diarrhea, dizziness, and rash.

A man with an erection that lasts four hours or more needs to go to the hospital or risk permanent injury.

There are no ED drugs that are safe to take with heart medications called nitrates because they can cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure.

The drugs most men take with urine symptoms, called alpha-blockers, can also lower blood pressure, so take at least four hours without ED drugs.

Your doctor may start you with a small dose of ED medication if you are taking an alpha-blocker or you may recommend an alpha blocker tamsulosin (Flomax), which affects lower blood pressure.

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Cardiovascular health and erectile dysfunction

ED is usually an early warning sign of cardiovascular diseases, such as atherosclerosis.

“It’s been a few years before I was diagnosed with heart disease,” said Dr. Liou.

We do not have strong evidence yet that starting a healthy lifestyle can reverse erectile dysfunction, but it is not harmful.

ED Drugs: How fast they start to work and how long they last

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Medication                                                         Onset                                                              Duration 

avanafil (Stendra)                                                    15-30 minutes                                                  6-12 hours

sildenafil (Viagra)                                                    30-60 minutes                                                 4-5 hours

tadalafil (Cialis)                                                        30-45 minutes                                                 24-36 hours

tadalafil (Cialis) daily                                             continuous                                                       continuous

vardenafil (Levitra)                                                 30-60 minutes                                                   4-5 hours


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