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We have answers for you about erectile dysfunction, which is the top sexual health problem for men treated by Aaron Friedberg, MD, a primary care doctor with The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center who specializes in internal medicine.

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Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile Dysfunction

For some men, erectile dysfunction can lead to heart disease, so talk to your doctor.

First, basic: What is erectile dysfunction?

It is a better and newer word for powerlessness.
Erectile dysfunction, or ED, involves many problems, and because it is an abnormality, it often returns to work.

How does an erection work, though?

It is a complex combination of the nervous and circulatory systems.
The nervous system starts things up, and blood flows into the tube, while the drainage arteries are compressed to allow blood to drain out.
All of this has to work well for an erection.

Where that may not be the case if you have medical problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, narrowing of the arteries, or problems with the nervous system.

Is it common for a woman to ask her doctor about her partner’s ED?

Certainly, some women come to tell me about it.
Sex is an important part of a healthy relationship.
Dealing with the problem is a problem for both partners who want a normal sexual function.

When should my partner see a doctor about ED?

ED can be an important sign of other health problems, so any man with a problem should see a doctor.

There are psychological and social factors that contribute to ED, such as stress at work and home, financial problems, deadlines, movement, and depression. There are also medical reasons, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or low thyroid hormone levels.

Studies have found that people with erectile dysfunction have an increased risk of developing heart disease.
That is why informing your primary care physician about what is happening is an important first step.
In cases where there is a physical or structural problem with the penis, or a history of radiation or surgery, consultation with a urologist may be helpful.

What effect does ED have on spouses?

Sex is very important for men’s identity and self-esteem, and when they are not able to have sex or have sex the way they used to, it can put pressure on their relationship.

In the same way, restoring a job can have a very positive effect.

Is ED a natural part of aging?

As with dementia, erectile dysfunction is more common with age.
Up to 1/3 of more than 60 men with ED.

But it is certainly not a normal part of aging.

It may be normal to need extra stimulation, or it may take longer to achieve erectile dysfunction, but it is common for men of any age to be able to have normal sexual function.

In the 90s?


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Does the ED mean that my partner does not want me?

Relationship problems can have an impact on ED – the brain is a very powerful genital organ, and that is certainly part of you.
But most of the time, ED does not mean that your partner is not interested.

ED can create a heavy load on a man for erectile dysfunction, and he may be less likely to start having sex because of panic or not wanting to have that problem again.

Does ED mean my sexual partner has low testosterone?

Many people come asking for testosterone support as a cure for erectile dysfunction.
But it is only a small part of the whole picture of erectile dysfunction.

It is important not to think about just one cause, but to talk to your doctor about a variety of possible causes.

Does cycling cause ED?

It is possible. Bicycle seats are small and, if not fitted properly, can cause pressure on the lower groin area, which can damage the nerves and muscles needed to stand up.

It is very important to find a good balance of the bike, which we offer with Sports Medicine. This problem is very avoidable.

The main treatments for erectile dysfunction are drugs developed primarily for hypertension.

It was found that people who were on blood pressure clinic tests were urinating well!

The drug works by opening or opening the blood vessels and arteries.
It widens the arteries around the genitals very well. Examples of these drugs are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.
They fit well.

Does this mean that my partner and I will have to plan for sex?

With Levitra and Viagra, you take them about an hour before you want to have sex and the drug helps for about four hours, sometimes up to 24 hours.
Cialis can be helpful for up to 36 hours, so you do not have to plan much.

Will my partner be proud for a long time?

No, but if you have epilepsy for more than four hours, you should call your doctor right away, as this could cause permanent damage. Very rare, however.

What if medication is not the answer?

If the cause is depression or other social problems, talking to a mental health professional is usually the best decision you can make.

If the cause is a medical condition, the best treatment to deal with it – lowering blood pressure, for example.

For patients who have tried basic therapy, there are alternatives.

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