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Common Inhaler Errors

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Forget Moving Canister

Your inhaler has a respirator and a “propellant” that helps to inject it into your lungs. You move the baking box to mix them to get the right amount for each.
If you don’t, you can get too much of one and too little of it.
Instead: Shake the canister hard 10 to 15 times before using it.


Have malicious intentions

When the opening of the inhaler is shown on the roof of your mouth on your tongue,
you may not find much medicine in your lungs where you can be most helpful.
Instead: Arrange the medicine at the back of your throat to get it into your airways.


Breathe Early or Fast

An inhaler usually inhales less than half a second.
Most of the medicine may stick to your mouth and throat instead of going to your lungs.
And if you fill your lungs with electric inhaler air before pressing your inhale button,
there is no room for the medicine to get in there and do its job.
Instead: Add space to your inhaler.
It contains a small volume tube so you can breathe when you are ready.


Have Free Lips

They are not limited to “shipwrecks,” as the saying goes, and they can waste inhalers.
If your lips are loose enough to let out air when you take sputum, they can also send your medicine that way.
Instead: Make sure your lips form a complete mark near the end of your inhaler.



Your lungs cannot absorb as much of the air as you would if you were hunting, especially when you were sitting down.
That’s because you may not be able to breathe a lot of medicine or clear your lungs enough before and after using your inhaler.
Instead: Stay upright, or better yet, get up when using your inhaler.


Use a blank Inhaler

It’s easier to do than you think.
Because some glitter stays in the container after the end of the tree, you may not be able to say what you breathe into it.
Some inhalers have a counter to track how much is left over.
If yours does not work, ask your pharmacist how many doses are in the box and note your first date and everything you use.


Run to the next Puff

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If you take another exfoliation just seconds after starting, the medication and propellant may not have enough time to come together properly.
And your body does not have time to get the full effect, so the next dose may not work as well as possible. Instead: Wait a minute or so.

Forget about Prime the Inhaler

“Prime” simply means spraying it with air.
If you do not do that with a new inhaler, you may find the wrong combination of propellant and medication when using it.
Instead: Pay it about four times for a five-second movement between each pump.
Do it again if you throw it away or don’t use it for 2 weeks anyway.

Do Not Breathe First

The air takes up space in your lungs.
If your lungs are empty as much as possible before using your inhaler, you may not get as much medicine in it.
Instead: Breathe in as much air as possible just before you inhale through the inhalation channels through the many small passages in your lungs.


Forget Checking the Trash

Lint or trash can be trapped by opening your inhaler, and you can shoot it into your lungs if you do not remove it.
Instead: Look inside the inhaler opening before each use.
Put a cap on your mouth if you do not use it to help keep things out.


Breathe out Quickly


The medicine in your inhaler will not have much time to do its job and may not work as well if it comes out immediately after use.
Instead: To get the full effect, hold your breath for about 10 seconds after taking the dose.


Skip Commands

Some inhalers are designed for daily use, while others are used only when you need them.
And different types work well with different techniques or patterns of breathing.
Be sure to read all the instructions and talk to your doctor or pharmacist about how to use your inhaler correctly.

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