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9 Natural Sex Tips to Reverse (ED)Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile Dysfunction, also known as impotence, is a condition in which a man is unable to achieve or maintain arousal during sex.
The problem affects about 30 million men in the United States and can be caused by both physical and psychological factors.
There are many drugs on the market for erectile dysfunction (ED), but many boys prefer the natural route.
Fortunately, there are a few creative ways to tackle this challenge at a low cost, a simple effort by nature.

1. Kegel Exercises

Kegels are not just for women.
Men can get into action! Regular Kegel exercise will strengthen your pelvic floor and can improve ED and sexual function.
The tests are simple and you can find instructions online or ask your doctor for details.
The most common treatment is to tighten the muscles below your pelvic floor, hold for 3 seconds and then release.
Do this 10-15 times, 3 times a day to get the highest sexual fitness.

2. Daily Exercise

Traditional exercise works wonders, too.
Because arousal requires good blood circulation, aerobic exercise is essential to keep your heart rate up.
Maintaining a healthy weight can also be an important factor in restoring erectile dysfunction.
Studies have shown that men with a waist circumference of 42 inches or more are 50% more likely to have ED.
So grab your partner and go on a great long trip!

3. Limiting Alcohol

One drink can help you relax and keep you in shape, but too much alcohol can quickly calm your mood if you have a problem with erectile dysfunction.
Alcohol can undermine your central nervous system and your sexual environment.
The more you drink, the more your body will be able to hear, respond, and perform better.
In addition, excessive alcohol consumption over time can damage the liver leading to increased estrogen production in men.
Limiting your drinks can enhance your enjoyment in the room.

4. Quitting Smoking

Smoking is harmful to your cardiovascular health and contributes to vascular disease, which affects the flow of blood to vital areas such as the genitals.
To get high blood flow in all the right places, you will need to stop smoking of any kind.
If your partner is not a smoker, quitting may make you more attractive in the room.
And if your partner smokes, you can come together to quit.

5. Ginseng

Ginseng has been called “herbal Viagra” and several studies have revealed that taking 600-1000 milligrams, three times a day, can be an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.
Make sure you get “red ginseng” which is a steamed and dried root version.
If you are currently taking ED medications or other conditions, consult your doctor before trying supplements to make sure there are no side effects.

6. L-arginine

The amino acid L-arginine is naturally present in the body and helps to make nitric oxide that relaxes the arteries to create arousal.
5 grams per day of L-arginine can make a significant improvement in ED sufferers.
It seems to lower blood pressure, so talk to your doctor before starting an L-arginine program to make sure it doesn’t interact with other medications or conditions.

7. Watermelon

Also, amino acids help! The amino acid citrulline is found in high concentrations of watermelon and appears to improve blood flow to the penis.
One study reported that men taking citrulline supplementation showed significant improvement in their erection and found greater satisfaction.
At the very least, adding watermelon to your diet means you will eat less healthily.

8. Sensate Focus

Men who experience erectile dysfunction for psychological reasons often respond positively to techniques that involve sensitivity-based experiences rather than performance.
Sensate focus exercises involve a gradual build-up a few times to help you learn more about your body and your partner.
Excellent in reducing anxiety and creating new expectation patterns.
Your doctor or therapist can give you more information about how to properly practice sensate focus exercises.

9. Good Conversation

One of the best natural sex tips to deal with erectile dysfunction is to talk to your partner.
Honest communication with your partner can alleviate anxiety and create a supportive environment for you to try different treatments.
Sometimes it is best to have a conversation about sex when you are not in the room.
Be very specific about your body changes and remember that there is more to physical intimacy and love than sexual function.
Loyalty and collaboration can be a natural miracle that enhances erectile dysfunction.


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